Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping & Freight

Full_Truck_LoadFull Truckload (FTL) shipping is one of the most reliable and economical ways to move your equipment or products around the U.S. and Canada. Through our extensive network of carriers and partners, our distribution system is one of the finest in the industry. 

Full Truckload (FTL) Freight Services

For more than 60 years, Full Truckload (FTL) shipping has played a critical role in the ability to transport goods around our great country. With today’s ultra-modern highway systems, trucks can deliver products long distances in a short period of time.  

You can trust the dedicated professionals at CRST Freight to be your full truckload freight and shipping partner. For many years, we have given our customers the peace of mind to know that their products and equipment will be transported safely, efficiently and arrive at their final destinations on time. We go to great lengths to utilize heavy duty boxes and other high quality packing supplies to ensure that your shipments arrive in the same condition they were in when they left your facility. 

The highly experienced team at CRST Freight knows that every business has unique needs and challenges. Every year, we handle the shipping and logistics coordination of thousands of products, equipment and materials. We have the hands on experience and knowledge to tailor fit a shipping solution that will meet your exact business requirements. Our trucks are clean, well maintained and we employee the finest and most responsible drivers in the industry.     

Benefits Of Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

There are many benefits to trusting your full truckload needs to CRST Specialized Transportation Inc. 

  • Dedicated Vehicles – Full truckload shipping allows your products/equipment to be the sole cargo onboard our truck during its journey. This greatly reduces the chance for damage to occur to your shipments and also ensures that the truck remains packed to your exact specifications.
  • Faster Delivery Times – Deliveries made through full truckload shipping arrive more quickly, as trucks normally have a single point of destination. Avoiding multiple stops also saves time and allows us to offer more economical rates to our valued customers.    
  • Reduces Risk -  Your shipment is packed up on one truck and is not disturbed again until it reaches the final destination. Freight that gets handled a lot in transit tends to be at greater risk for damage. With full truckload shipping, your products remain safer during the entire journey.
  • Better Tracking Control – Because your products or equipment is being hauled on a dedicated vehicle, it is much easier to monitor its progress along the way. Full truckload shipping allows for highly accurate tracking of your cargo via GPS technology.    

What Kind Of Items We Ship

Over the years, we have helped many industries with our shipping services. The types of items that we normally transport include:

  • Food Products
  • Clothing 
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Raw Materials 
  • Much More 

Contact Us 

We can gladly accommodate your logistics needs, regardless of industry or the size of your company. CRST Freight has built our success on understanding that each of our customers has unique needs when it comes to shipping their products. Our highly experienced staff will take the time to get to you know your business and the transport challenges you face. We will create a tailor fit solution that will not only exceed your expectations, but also give you the peace of mind to know that you are working with one of the leaders in the freight industry.