Last Mile Delivery

What Is Last / Final Mile Delivery? 

Final mile delivery is the most critical step in the freight process, as it ensures that a shipment will safely reach the customer’s door. The final leg of a product’s journey has historically been one of the costliest aspects of the entire shipping process. After some shipments travel thousands of miles, getting them into the hands of eagerly waiting recipients is probably the most complicated part of the shipping journey. 

Last mile delivery has historically been challenging for many freight moving companies, but CRST Freight has the infrastructure in place to meet the unique needs of every customer. CRST Freight specializes in all aspects of the last mile shipping process, including logistics, short term storage and tracking.  


Last Mile Logistics Solutions  

There are many benefits to partnering with CRST Freight as your last mile delivery and logistics solution. 

  • Nationwide network of secure storage facilities. 
  • Robust last mile delivery equipment infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive inventory control technology.
  • Cutting edge tracking capability via GPS. 
  • Proof of delivery system.
  • Inside pick up & delivery available. 
  • Installation services & debris removal.
  • Detailed inspections. 
  • Special handling of time sensitive shipments.  

Final Mile Delivery Services

Our well established infrastructure allows us to provide efficient and economical final mile deliveries to anyone, anywhere. We maintain a diverse fleet of cars, vans, cargo trucks, flatbeds and tractor trailers in order to meet the needs of your customers.  This wide assortment of vehicles allows us to provide the most efficient and cost effective last mile delivery services   

You can count on CRST Freight to be your trusted partner for all of your domestic and international final mile delivery needs. Contact us today to find out how CRST Freight can help you turn that last mile into customers’ smiles.