Third Partry Logistics (3PL)

What Is Third Party Logistics (3PL)? 

Third party logistics (3PL) is the practice of outsourcing a company’s shipping, supply chain management and warehousing programs to another organization that possesses an expertise in these areas. In the past, only the largest of companies could utilize third party logistics organizations, but that has certainly changed in recent years. Businesses of all sizes today can realize the benefits and efficiencies of using a 3PL to manage all of their logistics needs with regard to transportation, supply chain visibility and storage requirements. Whether logistics services are needed domestically or across the globe, a well-established 3PL can provide solutions that resolve the unique challenges of every business.

Your Expert Third Party Logistics Partner

For over 15 years, the highly experienced team at CRST Freight has expertly handled the third party logistics (3PL) needs of companies of all sizes and across many business sectors. The industries that we specialize in regarding third party logistics (3PL) include:

  • Residential relocating
  • Office relocating 
  • Trade shows & events
  • Hospitality & restaurant 
  • Specialty moves 
  • Healthcare & medical equipment 
  • Computer & electronics
  • Retail logistics 

Benefits of Using a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company 

There are many advantages to outsourcing your transportation and logistics needs to CRST Freight, as an   expert third party logistics (3PL) provider. 

  • Saves Time – By having CRST Freight as your 3PL partner, you do not have to worry about creating an infrastructure in order to ship, organize and warehouse your goods or products. We can free up many of your valuable work hours, so you can focus on what’s more important – running your business. 

  • Significantly Reduce Costs – Through our vast network of shippers, supply chain and warehousing partners, we have negotiated the best contractual arrangements, which can provide notable savings for our customers. 

  • More Productive Use Of Business Space – By outsourcing shipping and logistics services to CRST Freight, you can free up your facility space for more productive purposes, instead of using critical square footage for storage. 

  • Industry Expertise – Because we have such a vast amount of experience in the industries in which we serve, we are extremely knowledgeable about the specific issues and challenges for those specific business sectors. Due to our many years in the business, we can quickly identify problems and implement the best solutions according to each customer’s unique business needs. 

When it comes to third party logistics (3PL), you can count on the seasoned professionals at CRST Freight to handle every aspect of your shipping, storage and supply chain management needs. Contact us today to learn more about how CRST Freight can design tailor fit logistics solutions for your company’s specific objectives and requirements.