Expedited and Emergency Shipping Solutions Hot Shot

CRST Freight prides itself in providing you time sensitive shipping solutions with safe and reliable expedited and emergency services. We have over 15 years of experience providing integrated solutions for logistical and supply chain management across North America. With 55 distribution center and a remarkable fleet of 1000 delivery trucks, our asset based carrier services are sufficiently equipped to meet your individual needs.


When you’re dealing with close deadlines, we help you expedite cargo with custom fit logistics. With our experience, resources, massive network and extremely dedicated staff we’re able to resolve all logistical issues in a time-efficient manner. Moreover, we offer competitive rates to help you deliver and ship cargo as quickly as possible saving you long-term costs.

Our services are designed to be there for you in times of emergency to present immediate solutions with express delivery services across the United States and expedite freight. At times when you require unexpected shipping solutions we provide you with the following:

  • Trucks and vehicles dedicated to you exclusively
  • Wide range of cargo shipment vehicles
  • A team of reliable and highly-trained drivers
  • On site packaging and same day crating
  • Customized logistical solutions
  • White glove service
  • Air freight distribution
  • Warehouse and storage
  • Reverse logistics

What is the difference?


Expedited and emergency shipping both involve same day shipping however, they have certain key differences.. Emergency shipping includes shipping life-saving supplies to certain areas that might be affected by natural calamities or even evacuation zones.

Let us know the relevant information such as the kind of cargo that needs shipment, the budget, and the timeline you’re working with and we give you the best possible shipping solution.

Our experts provide coordination for acquiring special equipment and vehicles for high-maintenance supplies. For cargo like medical supplies or fragile equipment we can provide trucks with proper cooling and refrigeration also Hot shot for smaller loads. We also hire experienced and professional moving crew members who take precautionary measures when handling valuable products.

Our customer service is dedicated to ensuring that you receive regular and timely updates regarding the status of your supplies. All our professionals are dedicated to accommodating all expedited emergency needs and are available to answer all questions and concerns.

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You can call us now at 1-888-901-3433 to get a quote of the shipment process and for more information regarding our comprehensive services. We want to prioritize making the shipment process easier and more convenient for you. We want you to be able to feel relaxed about the shipment process knowing that you can rely on us to deliver 100%.