Trade Shows and Event Logistics

CRST Freight is here to assist with all your trade show and exhibit logistics. Without a professional team by your side, trade show and exhibition planning and execution can be overwhelming and time consuming. CRST Freight has the expert team you’re looking for to ensure your trade show or exhibit runs to plan, allowing you to make the most of your time exhibiting. From scheduling to manual labor and delivery of your trade show resources, we have a reliable team you can trust.

With over 15 years’ experience in the moving and logistics industry, the CRST Freight team has gone above and beyond to ensure its customers satisfaction, working as an extension of your team to ensure your trade show success.

Read on for a snapshot of our experience and to learn more about the solutions we can provide.

Customer Requirements

  • Manage a complex trade show program for outdoor festivals around the United States.
  • Align all pick up and deliveries to meet installation crews
  • Damage free delivery was paramount

Our Solutions

  • Driver makes the delivery and waits on crates to be emptied and reloaded on trailer
  • At the end of the event the driver returns empties, waits for them to be filled, loads the trailer and moves to the next festival
  • Dedicate a driver to handle both the delivery and pick up
  • Event to event tracking
  • Direct communication with the driver via satellite and cell phone

Customer Benefit

  • Reduced claims and delays
  • Cost savings through process improvement, communication process, and dedicated drivers
  • Improved decision support through data integrity with product visibility from all origins

Sample Case Study

One of the largest auto insurance groups in the United States having more than 10 million policies in force selling insurance directly to customers online and by phone, and offer insurance through more than 30,000 local independent agents was looking for a innovative way to attract more customers. They partnered with an ad agency who developed a concept of attending festivals throughout the U.S. The company needed to align with a logistics provider with an exceptional knowledge of the exhibit industry and was able to support their plans. The festivals would be outdoor events that would be just days long and had no storage for empty crates.

CRST Specialized Transportation Inc was able to develop a plan that allowed the exhibit to be delivered, set up, empties taken away. In addition, the same driver returned to the exhibit site to deliver the crates, waiting until they were loaded and then moved to the next location.