Motorcycle Shipping and Transport Services

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Professional Motorcycle Transport Services

CRST Freight is your premier choice when the time comes motorcycle shipping and transport. For many people, a vehicle is merely a way to get from point A to point B. For motorcycle enthusiasts, we know they’re more than just a vehicle. Your bike expresses who you are as an individual and we know you take great pride in owning such a special machine.  

From the moment you call to arrange your move, every detail from pick up to delivery will be handled by the best movers in the business. Nothing is overlooked to ensure your motorcycle arrives just the way it left your garage.  CRST Freight will provide you with shipping costs, transit and coverage information. We even provide storage solutions for your motorcycle should you need it.  


Successful Motorcycle Transport Begins With Preparation 

We recommend our customers follow a basic shipping checklist to mitigate any potential issues during transport. Below is a handy checklist to perform before we pick up your motorcycle for transport. 

  • Drain Fuel 
  • Empty Saddlebags and Storage Containers
  • Place Transmission In Neutral
  • Remove Keys
  • Unlock Forks
  • Retain Inventory Sheet Signed By Driver

How We Ensure Safe Motorcycle Shipping 

Many people don’t realize how heavy motorcycles can be. In fact, some full-dressed baggers can weigh over 1,000 lbs. With a machine that heavy, the use of a loading ramp becomes too risky for transport. This exposes the bike to falls, scrapes, dents, and other damage that needs to be avoided when shipping a precious piece of cargo like your motorcycle. 

Regardless of the make, model or size, CRST Freight only uses lift gates for the bikes we transport. Our lift system allows your cherished two-wheeler to remain completely upright and level when being loaded. Once your motorcycle is securely on our truck, it is carefully moved onto a specially designed pallet and carefully strapped down. To provide even more security, all motorcycles we ship travel in air-ride trailers so that road vibrations are eliminated.

Every motorcycle is checked for stability and damage protection multiple times before departure, and customers always receive complete inventory documentation before the journey.  Upon arrival, your bike is inspected again to ensure that it arrived in the same condition as when it departed. 

Let Us Help Transport Your Motorcycle 

Our customers and have something in common with us – we love motorcycles too. With CRST Freight, you can be assured that your bike is in the best hands from the moment we arrive. Contact CRST Freight here for a worry-free motorcycle move.