Experienced Auctions Shipping and Delivery

CRST Freight has been providing professional shipment and delivery services for more than 15 years along with local and long distance and moving services. We are one of the leading companies in the industry earning a reputation for providing premium quality, punctual and extremely efficient services. We have 144 final mil remote delivery providers across the United States and Canada as well as 52 distribution centers in the states. We have 1000 trucks that offer on day and on time delivery in North America.


We specialize in providing professional services for various auction items including:

  1. Professionally packaging all kinds of auction items to ensure maximum safety
  2. Placing all kinds of auction items securely in suitable crates
  3. Shipping auction items safely and securely all across the country


We provide transport services and shipment of products to and from the auction house to buyers. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have established professional and steady ongoing relationships with several reputable auction houses in the area.

Auctions Shipping and Delivery

We offer a range of service plans that are catered to each client’s individual needs. Whether you want to get auction items delivered to your auction house or from the auction to your home, we can help you out.

With our decade of experience,we have always made sure our clients are 100% satisfied and content with our services. We understand the sensitivity and importance of transporting and shipping auction items carefully to make sure they don’t lose their value.

We make the shipment of auction items safer for you

We strive to make your auction experience one of the best and ensure that the process is completely seamless, every single time. We also allow interested buyers the opportunity to get a quote prior to the bidding process enabling them to make informed decisions.

We want to prioritize making the shipment process convenient for both the auction house and the buyer. All you need to do is, provide us with the relevant information so we can proceed to provide you the best possible shipment solutions. This includes the specific days and time you would like us to provide pick-up services and the exact location points.

We help you as a single online auction packaging and shipping provider and a receiving department. We also offer local pickups for recurring, bulk, single, large and multi-weight shipments. We use innovative technology to make sure you stay updated with the exact location of your auction items being shipped.

We provide comprehensive shipping solutions for all kinds of commercial and non-commercial auction house items that need to be shipped via freight services as well as federal, government, state and surplus auctions.

Get a Quote Today!

You can call us at 1-888-901-3433 to get a quote of the shipment process before you make the bid and for more information regarding our services. We want to prioritize making the shipment process easier and more convenient for you for all federal, state, government and surplus auctions.